Small Claims Court, Chatham

Civil Disputes

Small Claims Court is a civil trial court. Its rules of procedure are (relatively) simplified. The maximum recoverable amount, excluding costs and interest, is currently $35,000. 

Parties to a Smalls Claims action (or their representatives) should be familiar with the Rules of the Small Claims Court (CanLII), particularly the rules pertaining to methods of service and procedural deadlines. Failing to meet a deadline may jeopardize your case, and is likely to be costly. Never put off responding to a claim or motion.

A successful claim has a number of essential elements. It is advisable to have a paralegal (or student-at-law) draft, or at least review, your claim before it is issued and served.

If you have been served with a claim, even if you consider it frivolous, it is a good idea to get legal advice as soon as possible.